MDP Curriculum

MDP Level 1 (3 main lesson + 9 taleem lessons)
Duration: 3 months

Topics Covered:

  1. Evolution of Indian Music
  2. Classification of Indian Music
  3. Nine Paltas focusing on pitch, range and scale
  4. Song lesson by Kavita Krishnamurthy –“Aaj Main Upar, Aasman niche” focusing on lyrics, sargam, expression and jumping notes

MDP Level 2 (6 main lesson + 18 taleem lessons)
Duration: 6 months

Topics Covered:

  1. Shuddha Swars
  2. Komal Swars
  3. Concepts of Scale and Chords
  4. Eighteen paltas
  5. Song lesson by Salim Merchant- “Aye Khuda” focusing on melody, harmony, lyrics, expression.
(Everything taught in Level 1 is inclusive in Level 2 )

MDP Level 3 (9 main lesson + 24 taleem lessons)
Duration: 9 months

Topics Covered:
  1. Taal
  2. Introduction to Raagas
  3. How the Voice Works
  4. 24 Paltas
  5. Song lesson by Hariharn – “Savaan baarse tarse dil” focusing on lyrics, sargam, expression
(Everything taught in Level 1 and Level 2 is inclusive in Level 3)

MDP Level 4 (12 main lesson + 36 taleem lessons)
Duration: 12 months

Topics Covered:
  1. Introduction to Ragas
  2. How the Voice Works
  3. Breathing for Good Singing
  4. Selecting your Singing Material
  5. Performance & Persona
  6. Preparing to Perform
  7. Grand Performance
  8. Thirty six paltas
  9. Song lesson by Alka Yagnik – “Kuch kuch hota hay” focusing on lyrics, sargam, expression


Course Highlights.
  • Knowledge nuggets from bollywood Legends and Experts from the Idol show.
  • Swar Leela - your daily dose of vocal hygiene with Mahacharya Shri saurabh J sarkar.
  • Palta Time - with specially trained Music Mentors.
  • Song Time - with bollywood legends - Hariharan, Salim Merchant, Kavita Krishnamurthy and Alka Yagnik.


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