Introductory Workshop – JAAAGO


A musical workshop that helps to unleash the creative talents hidden within every child. This introductory musical workshop features a galaxy of stars and is attended by children with their parents. As a part of Indian Idol Academy’s Mass-Music Literacy Campaign, JAAAGO is touching thousands in each city waking every child to their creative side with the magic of music. The workshop is also followed by a digital audition.



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Music Discovery Program


A music education course for beginners, where the biggest legends of music teach their favorite songs with love and care. Learners also get to know their core area of interest in music with lots of Edutainment.



MDP Curriculum

MDP Level 1 (3 main lesson + 9 taleem lessons)
Duration: 3 months

Topics Covered:

  1. Evolution of Indian Music
  2. Classification of Indian Music
  3. Nine Paltas focusing on pitch, range and scale
  4. Song lesson by Kavita Krishnamurthy –“Aaj Main Upar, Aasman niche” focusing on lyrics, sargam, expression and jumping notes

MDP Level 2 (6 main lesson + 18 taleem lessons)
Duration: 6 months

Topics Covered:

  1. Shuddha Swars
  2. Komal Swars
  3. Concepts of Scale and Chords
  4. Eighteen paltas
  5. Song lesson by Salim Merchant- “Aye Khuda” focusing on melody, harmony, lyrics, expression.
(Everything taught in Level 1 is inclusive in Level 2 )

MDP Level 3 (9 main lesson + 24 taleem lessons)
Duration: 9 months

Topics Covered:
  1. Taal
  2. Introduction to Raagas
  3. How the Voice Works
  4. 24 Paltas
  5. Song lesson by Hariharn – “Savaan baarse tarse dil” focusing on lyrics, sargam, expression
(Everything taught in Level 1 and Level 2 is inclusive in Level 3)

MDP Level 4 (12 main lesson + 36 taleem lessons)
Duration: 12 months

Topics Covered:
  1. Introduction to Ragas
  2. How the Voice Works
  3. Breathing for Good Singing
  4. Selecting your Singing Material
  5. Performance & Persona
  6. Preparing to Perform
  7. Grand Performance
  8. Thirty six paltas
  9. Song lesson by Alka Yagnik – “Kuch kuch hota hay” focusing on lyrics, sargam, expression
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Brought to you by KarmYog Media and Arts Education Network in association with Indian Idol Academy, Music For All is a music education program integrated within the curriculum of schools (inside the classroom), using the path-breaking OmniDELTM methodology to nurture universal human values, with the legends of music & creativity such as Hariharan,
Salim Merchant, Kavita Krishnamurthy & Alka Yagnik.

Curriculum Overview:

The curriculum is designed in a graded manner, where learners from any class can start from the first grade, and keep advancing as the years go by

  • Subject Mater Areas: Rhythm & Meter, Melody & Pitch, Harmony, Form & Expression
  • Singing: Playing, speaking, moving, conducting, reading, writing, constructing
  • Listening: Aurally identifying, responding, discussing, analyzing, reflecting, describing
  • Creating: Improvising, composing, interpreting
Basic Skill Development:
  • Being able to express oneself orally in music: singing, composing by experimenting with the voice and participating in playing music together and vocal performances.
  • Being able to express oneself in writing in music: using various forms of notation. Writing is also used to experiment with language rhymes, rhythm and sound, to present musical experiences, ideas and forms of expression, and to reflect upon subject knowledge.
  • Being able to read in music: being able to interpret and understand various musical expressions, symbols, signs and types of notation.
  • Being able to do mathematics in music: learning about the fundamental elements of music and different musical patterns, variations and forms and to be able to calculate time and space in music and body-movement expressions.
  • Being able to use digital tools in music: focuses on developing music-technology competence connected to listening, playing and composing music.

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A special musical camp brought to you by the Experts and Legends of Indian Idol Academy.



Choir Camp – For the City Idols, is a special musical camp brought to you by the Experts and Legends of Indian Idol Academy.

The excitement begins with a TALENT HUNT CONTEST where selected talent from each city join the week long intensive musical camp designed to groom members selected for the Indian Idol Academy Choir, making them stage ready to perform a 90 minute musical live! In their towns and cities. This premium camp is conducted by the certified musical mentors of Indian Idol Academy

Camp Curriculum
  1. Indian Idol Academy Children’s Choir Songs: Hum sab ka utsav Jaaago, Sur taal aur Laya, Kuch tum mein hay, Music ke phayede, Sangeet ka maksaad, Pal pal beetein, Evolution of music song and many more
  2. Performing harmonics
  3. Learning Stagecraft
  4. Mastering X factor
  5. The technique of singing with a musical track



Music Mentors who have already completed certification from Indian Idol Academy:


Music Mentor Certification Program


For Music trainers there is a never before opportunity to build a successful music career with the Indian Idol Academy Music Mentor Certification Program.



Join the Movement

Over the next 6 months, Indian Idol Academy will appoint 625 certified Music Mentors across cities to revolutionize mass music literacy in India.
If you are a trained musician and if you have a passion for teaching, this is your chance to be one of those chosen 625!

Who can become a certified Music Mentor?

Now every passionate and trained musician can become an Indian Idol Academy certified Music Mentor if they fulfill the following criterions:

  1. Should have at least 5 years of formal music training in Indian Classical Music.
  2. Should be passionate about music and teaching.
  3. Should embrace the Indian Idol Academy way of music education.
  4. Should be tech savvy.
  5. Should be ready to take up music as a profession not just a hobby.
  6. Should be comfortable singing Bollywood music.

How to become an Indian Idol Academy certified Music Mentor?

To become an Indian Idol Academy certified Music Mentor you need to:

  1. Attend Pre- Application Workshop.
  2. Give Audition and get selected by the Academic Council.
  3. Complete 8 days Intensive Induction Training at your nearest regional junction.
  4. Complete 2 month On-the-Job training and obtain Indian Idol Academy certification
  5. Get access to Indian Idol Academy-OmniDEL™ Campus.

  1. Associate with the Brand Idol: You can now associate directly with the biggest brand in the history of reality shows, by becoming an Indian Idol Academy certified
    Music Mentor.
  2. Evolve as a Musician: Join the movement and grow as a musician as Indian Idol Academy gives you an opportunity to musically interact with hundreds of budding musicians in your city through various mass music literacy programs.
  3. Perform Onstage through Jaaago Live: Celebrate your musical zest with a live audience through a 90-minute musical production featuring the legendary singers of Bollywood and the Indian Idol Academy Children’s Choir.
  4. Get Recognized: Indian Idol Academy Mentor Certification Program gives you a platform, where the legends of Indian Idol Academy reward you with personally signed certificates.
  5. Get Featured: You can now on get that perfect exposure, which every musician seeks, by getting featured on the Indian Idol Academy official website.
  6. Enhance your Earning Potential: The success of the Indian Idol Show has created a huge demand for learning and singing. Indian Idol Academy is the most authentic answer to that. You, as a certified Music Mentor, have the potential to earn handsomely through royalties and incentives by becoming a part of this new era of music literacy.


Music Mentors undergoing certification program at present in Indian Idol Academy:



Music Mentors in the process of joining certification program all over India:



Talent Development Program


An advanced music training course, where talented learners delve deeper into the subject matters of music and performance.


Learning from the Legends


The Academy provides direct tutelage from maestros and Indian Idol Alumni to support them in their pursuit of a career in the music industry.


Pre-Audition Intensive


An intensive training and grooming program for Indian Idol show aspirants brought to you by the music mentors of Indian Idol Academy.


  1. Get the best intensive training by the mentors of Indian Idol Academy.
  2. Get exciting Indian Idol Academy merchandise as part of the curriculum.
  3. Get access to footages from all the previous shows of Indian Idol that will help them to learn directly from the legends.
  4. Sing at least 10 songs in a superior way.
  5. Impress the judges and have an edge over others at the auditions
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